Here you will find lots of healthy and easy to make plant-based and vegan recipes, tips and video tutorials with easy to find ingredients. As a plant-based expert, recipe developer and foodie, who is passionate about healthy and sustainable lifestyle, I hope that you (vegan and non-vegan alike, experienced or noviced cooks, new to vegan cooking or somebody who like to try something new) will be inspired to recreate some of the recipes!


Today I would like to share with you a pumpkin scones recipes. It is very versatile (since it's a savory scones and there's cheese in it) because you can have it with a tea or soup. This scones are very addicted that the whole family will crave (and trust nobody will notice that it's totally vegan). The recipe asking for a pumpkin puree, whether store bought or homemade. PUMPKIN SCONES STEP-BY-STEP RECIPE VIDEO: VEGAN PUMPKIN SCONES FLAVOR VARIATIONS Plant-based sour cream and onion: add chopped onions and 1tbsp of sour cream instead of pumpkin and cheeseSun-dried tomatoes and jalapeño: add it instead of pumpkin and cheese. It will give you a feeling of "pizza" flavor.Maple syrup ...

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I would like to share with you quick and easy way to make a vegan buttermilk at home (I know sometimes everybody can gets confused by what substitutes for buttermilk) which you will need in many recipes like pancakes or scones. For vegan buttermilk you just need two ingredients: apple vinegar and plant-based milk (milk should be soy or almond). MY LATEST VIDEO HOW TO MAKE VEGAN BUTTERMILK Whisk apple vinegar and soy/almond milk.  Wait for 5-10 min.  It ready to use! Just in couple of minutes. Other recipes to try:  Fig and cherry scones  Easy cobbler  Black Forest Muffins  I hope you will find these Vegan Buttermilk recipe helpful!  Homemade Vegan ...

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Butternut squash is a classic ingredient for a fall menu. But today we will talk about how to peel it, cut and cook. Once you've mastered it, you can enjoy a variety of different recipes: salads, soups, stews and deserts the whole list can go on and on... So, let's get started! WATCH MY STEP-BY-STEP VIDEO TUTORIAL HOW TO PEEL BUTTERNUT SQUASH Cut off about 1/4 inch off each end with a serrated knife. Cut the bulb and neck(with a chef knife or a sharp knife of your choice) and peel each down the length. HOW TO CUT BUTTERNUT SQUASH  Once you've peeled the skin off, it's time to cut it. Here is the steps: Slice the neck and bulb in half. Scoop out the seeds (you can ...

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